Game Theory: KFC Just WON The Console Wars

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    I know everyone is still freaking out about the PS5 and how hard it is to get. Well Theorists, I may have a solution for you! There is a new up and comer entering the console game and it may just be the one we've been waiting for! What is it? The KFC Console! Yes, our favorite fried chicken restaurant has announced a gaming console and I am EXCITED! Will this change the game or should they stick to chicken? Theorists, it is time to uncover the delicious truth about the KFC Console!

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. ThereisnoGodzilla

      I got an Xbox commercial in the middle of this.

    2. Death Machine


    3. Banana Banana

      This is cool and all but I feel this is probably not true but I feel like I would get sick from the food because of the pc idk why

    4. Bigbux2610

      KFC: comes out with a console that can cook chicken with the game heat Me: my PC can do the exact same thing (if you get what I mean)

    5. rockfoxy is back

      Were can i get this

    6. Aman Ali

      Me playing fortnite on kfc console My mum : hey son could you lend me your console a bit. today im frying chicken for tonights dinner

    7. Ultra4iregaming !

      Kfc forgot ps4/5

    8. Fox Boi Daniel

      I got nostalgia when he mentioned the Easy Bake Oven. I remember eating the powder and uncooked oatmeal packages from my older step-sister's several years ago.

    9. first sense

    10. PhoenixGod Timothy

      where is what I see this not working. Grease build up, Crumbs building up, etc, you Could NEED to clean that this almost every after every use after cooking/reheating/etc. And Im going to call it, No one is going to be on the ball with cleaning something right away after use let along when playing games.. I see this thing going up in Flames and people Sueing like crazy....

    11. daa xing

      The next addition relatedly doubt because slash especially grate following a somber cough. wistful, like pint

    12. The silver Round

      Calling in warzone sbm...

    13. Matthew Dumler

      While Watching this video I got an ad about a PS5, did Sony not know they were getting dunked on

    14. Jaiden'sAdventures

      If i was gonna play call of duty while eating kfc I would wear gloves so My hands dont get MUCH greasy

    15. Ouqoi

      The Console technically cannot use 650 watts because you would have to overclock everything to the maximum and you have to be using a graphics card that has a tdp (thermal design power) of 350watts at full load and your cpu has to be overclocked to consume as much power as possible. If you leave it at stock you would probably see at maximum 300/250 watts up to 400 watts when both the cpu and your gpu at maximum load at all times. It really depends on which graphics card and which processor is used in the KFConsole.

    16. Vijay Patil

      Next channel: Book theory OR Fitness theory

    17. Cool_BoiKade

      i just did 4th grade

    18. Silver Spirit

      somehow I'm blind that I did not see a springtrap bobblehead and I wear glasses

    19. Dysterus

      The thing is, they will need to build a large store for the console or connect it with Steam/Epic Games Store as their primary store.

    20. Natsume-Hime

      I see one glaring flaw in this theory: Wattage calculation. No PSU is ever constantly puts out its max wattage. You *ALWAYS* need a PSU that has higher output than your system demands, because if you're running it full out... Well... For one it'll drastically reduce the lifespan of that power supply. Secondly any unforeseen spike in power demand from the system will cause it to shut itself off. Which because thirdly, power supplies are not perfect and generally don't provide 100% of the power they're rated for anyways. Finally the PSU only runs at maximum output for a fraction of a second when you boot your computer up. So no you are not getting the full output of that 650 watts. At best you're getting what ever fraction of that your hardware is demanding. Which means if the system is idling? It's not putting out all that much heat, because the all of the processors are barely running at all.

    21. for the love of DOG

      Theory theory Matt patt will do a game theory about scott pilgrim



    23. Thomas Shears (SolidShears)

      It will flop hard

    24. Red Lion

      Whoever came up with this is on the next herb added to the KFC recipe

    25. Mason White

      4:07 is that numberer1?

    26. Diego GM

      In my city there is no kfc

    27. Diego GM

      i want kfc

    28. turtuul

      Waittt , colonel read cornel ? Sorry english is my third language

    29. Drake Rose

      How to make food with the KFConsole: Step 0: Get a KFConsole and set it up Step 1: Install Minecraft Step 2: Install Forge/TwitchLauncher/Curseforge/whatever you use to load modpacks Step 3: Install RLCraft Step 4: Install OptiFine (trust me) Step 5: Put the food in the KFConsole Step 6: Get a fire extinguisher ready Step 7: Start up RLCraft Step 8: Set render distance to max Step 9: S h a d e r s Step 10: T N T Step 11: Light the TNT Step 12: Wait Step 13: Take your food out, be fast as it might be extremely hot, hotter than when your putting pizza rolls in the microwave for just 35 seconds longer than recommended Step 14: wait a while for food to cool down Step 15: yum

    30. gfur

      chick-fil-a console would have been EXPLODING

    31. AliceGaming

      I eat kfc well gaming

    32. Aiden Farmer

      no one would want to eat Kfc inbetween rounds of call of duty. But Battlefield on the otherhand?

    33. WellHiIGuess 23

      I can achieve the same thing the kfc console is doing g by running a application made in Java

    34. Britt Scarberry

      Ahhhhhhh science

    35. Britt Scarberry

      #kfc #gaming #notsponsered #theory

    36. incognito burst

      MatPat: *makes a video about KFConsole* HRaero: "This is Five Nights At Freddy's"

    37. JustMeh

      mom pick me up, i'm scared

    38. Andrew Anello

      ME: Looks at my stack of napkins next to my computer...

    39. Veggie Spring Roll

      Behold! The Kentucky Fried Console

    40. Abnormal Gamer

      Is it weird that I can practically smell the chicken by watching

    41. Colefinney 1234

      You have to have somthing in the chicken chamber to use the pc

    42. Clark Raiven Candelaria

      They use your natural PC heat to keep your chicken warm now that's what I call recycling 😉

    43. Zhang Yaozhong

      they should just use server racks at kfc stores, kfc could run a powerful internet server by this logic

    44. D4rk Sh0t

      So... how do you open it? There is no handle...

    45. /HASHRAID

      the xbox bigger than the pc lmao

    46. Jacob Zion

      so you have to get the kfconsole to actually use 650w witch is hard to do . i have a 12 core cpu and a nivida quadro rtx 400 and i am only drawing 400w from the wall. power supplies rarely run at full load.

    47. dorky chris

      Now what if you don’t put anything in there

    48. Drake Arnold

      The "Young Sanders" looks like what Ethan Winters from Resident Evil 7 and 8 should look like

    49. RajjoPlayzYT

      Your intro is too loud my mom has sound pollution

    50. Fireball Sonic the hedgehog gamer

      finger licking the controler be like: 🥵🤬

    51. Lesadkazoo


    52. 2l,s

      Do you need to watch it to like it

    53. Dena Berry

      Rip play station controllers

    54. Kelly Douglas

      Kentucky Fried Console

      1. Kelly Douglas


    55. Kelly Douglas

      Why's my chicken burnt? Oh sorry I summoned 3.7 billion withers in minecraft

    56. Classic Jschlatt Comedy

      MatPat: KFC is partnering with coolermaster Me who has a cooler master pc: Fried Chicken Nuggies are you in there?

    57. Dragon

      Does this mean that the console is gonna overheat if I don't put any food in there?

    58. BloodyR3ap3r

      Running out of ideas mat

    59. Cruz Gutierrez

      how much?

    60. espresso cookie


    61. Liam Diolazo

      Future gaming is getting weirder but getting better and better

    62. AminBoom Gaming

      youtube got so used to you doing fnaf video's they just put this as a fnaf video

    63. Kyler smith


    64. Kyler smith


    65. MeteorCat07

      That intro before the intro was gold man

    66. WrangWrang is me

      MatPat no

    67. Mortal1s

      Kentucky For Gaming

    68. Eng Seng Koh

      How much is this thing

    69. Pika Zacian

      Why is this so GENIUS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    70. Pika Zacian

      Nintendo Switches and Nintendo Switch Lites have vents on top too

    71. sangeetharamanand

      The Henry stickman collection

    72. sangeetharamanand

      I have steam on my laptop

    73. Zelda dude

      the ad for this thing... makes it look like an oven

    74. Paulyboi

      Question: could you use the KFConsole to toast thing like bread or biscuits?

    75. CuddlyBubbles 69

      good theory

    76. CuddlyBubbles 69

      game theory, i thought this was food theory

    77. OddOneWolf

      hold us why is it branded as fnaf and what about electric cars?

    78. OddOneWolf

      KFC WHY ARE YOU SO COOL AND HANDSOME ignore that last part

    79. 「 Mizuno」

      Video: KFCONSOLE Description: FNAF HRaero: yeah ok thats fine lol

    80. Theshroomsvlogs

      The easy bake oven is still around It was at wall mart in the little girls section

    81. SynTaco

      HRaero: "Seems like he is making a FNAF theory"

    82. Dhel Minglana

      Matpat make a theory about venom 2

    83. Foxy7943 Gaming and Fun

      You could say Winner Winner chicken dinner

    84. Theyeetmaster 64

      WAIT A MINUTE game theory, film theory, and food theory. What’s next? Shop theory?

    85. RenTheCow

      Or Granny related videos

    86. RenTheCow

      Please more minecraft lores 😳😳😳😳😳

    87. Carlffler Aziz


    88. Fortnite Aimbot

      I got a kfc ad 😂

    89. Wither Dragon 303

      consoles:ok lets not change the console in the slightest way kfc: *im about to do whats called a finger licken good gamer move*

    90. Roxynano

      Whoever the CEO of KFC is must be a giant gamer in someway as they are craving to get KFC involved in the video game business.

    91. velvet fox

      This intro is too good

    92. Avery Zielnicki

      Wait a minute... If energy is never lost, only changes form... *then why become heat and make me charge my iPad for 193028 hours a day?!*

    93. Josiah Moses

      I would love KFC g feul

    94. _Charlize_


    95. Vipergaming

      Us ps4 players forgotten

    96. Collin Hadel

      Me when I don't know dinner I all most here gets on call of duty *mom kids food me bring it up here I'm just sad I can't really do that

    97. Mazita Abu samad

      I,m 12years old dump matpat hahaha i dont event have that book

    98. FenFennecFox

      This is not a game or food theory. It is a Gamer Food theory

    99. Argus Rogue

      "My MMR dosen't lie" Me a paid MMR booster: 👁️👄👁️

    100. Robotmadness22

      Wait what happens if you put nothing in the chamber does the heat just stay there or does vent out