Game Theory: The Hero That BROKE Genshin Impact!

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    Genshin Impact is the free mobile game taking over my brain. The worldbuilding is complex and I knew that somewhere in there was a theory. I was RIGHT! I think I found the character that BROKE the world of Genshin Impact. You see, the biggest weakness in the world of Teyvat is not what you would expect. What will bring about the END? Watch to find out!

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Pedro Freitas and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Bluecore

      Woah, never expected Genshin Impact to show up on this channel! A wonderful surprise for sure!

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        @STREAM DYNAMITE & WAY Do betterbman

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        I know nothing about Genshin.

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        I know right.

      4. Alastor

        Credits to Matt for changing my favourite game into economics.

      5. The backwards speaker

        I know that I don’t like anything related to anime, but should I try genshin impact

    2. Premium Disaster

      Lore spoiler possibly i think there's some lore about celestia destroying khaen'irah because they advanced too far technologically, and that morax and barbatos had a hand in the destruction

    3. Dhruv Dingari


    4. GreenPeas

      Morax wants to retire because he always forgets to bring mora everytime he treats Traveler.

    5. agAAAshi

      I actually want him to make a theory about the raiden shogun and her ideals of enernity

    6. saiyuu

      nah the only thing he ruins is my mora

    7. Mayank Maximum

      I just stared yesterday and I was like wow it is anime Zelda Btw I just play car games and timepass warzone

    8. Vanskullular234

      mogawty ,slexien and gacha gamer yall watch game theory

    9. August Martin

      And without a way to enhance weapons and your characters the cities will be overrun by monsters 😰 Zhongli w hy

    10. Digger Doyle

      I haven't even gotten that far in the story and I'm out of mora... lv 40 Kaeya was worth it 👌

      1. Luan - Gaming

        Lol im level 40 every character and main is lvl 50

    11. Aaron Chris

      Need one more

    12. A banna

      How about LEYLIND

    13. Tyrique Colin

      Wow ima give this game a try

    14. KudaraT

      this is nonsense lmfao

    15. LurkingShrew

      As soon as I saw Zhongli, I clicked

    16. Marcin Gaming

      Please, make a Theory about Albedo from Genshin Impact

    17. Mbj M11

      In lore the alchemist Albedo created an already existing creature to life so I think the currency of Genshin is easily fixable with someone as smart as him that uses a Geo Element i guess 🤷🏻‍♂️

    18. Ninjaneer

      And this is why I do my part and only do Mora Ley lines. They generate mora! It's a group effort!

    19. MC Panda


    20. nekonii

      Get sigils and trade 2 for 1600 mora

    21. Pennywise

      the monsters drop mora don't they?

    22. Serena

      I wonder if there's actually gonna be a new archon

    23. Aiden Dixon

      As a zhongli main I approve

    24. Nobody.Special.o_o

      But ley lines

    25. ajit pawar

      Nice 😄

    26. ajit pawar


    27. ba ba

      Who else got a genshin impact while watching this video?

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    29. HTW

      To that I say *leyline outcrops*

    30. Sherwood Park Lollipop Parade

      I literally got a ad for the game

    31. Samuel Yeh

      Well a new archon of geo will have to take over soon, so mora will be produced again.

    32. mikuni _

      But!!!!! He says that the mora problem is one to be solved as soon as a new Geo-Archon appears, so the world won't run out of mora.

    33. A.C. Leija

      Ley lines.

    34. Eli Freeman

      10:28 imagine enhancing a 1 star artifact

    35. Sasori_ Drowned

      There should be a theory about Paimon, there was at least 2 times that she talks about doing what she wants with the world to have fun, like destroy the world or something

    36. JARRED LAZARUS BI20110158

      Plot twist! The Tsaritsa will be the ones who produce money and they will make every nation in Teyvat bow before them.

    37. Kaizen II

      “New Content Added all the time” Hmmm

    38. Lena Håkansson

      Genshin impact is gjust a bad version of Zelda breth of the wild. Seriusly look it up....😑

    39. If you don't eat your Jam Cold I dont want to talk.

      I mean he did Kill the God of Salt.

      1. Midnight Sky

        No he didn't. He literally disproves that in his story quest

    40. Stupid 88% of the time

      Hearing mat say Teyvat took a decade off my life, especially since he shows multiple clips of characters saying it 💀

    41. poop poop

      Didnt signora politely ask for his gnosis, I'm not sure how this gonna work out

    42. Renjun's immaculate Vocals

      My point of view against this hypothesis is since the cryo archon has obtained zhongli’s gnosis, the fatui should now be in charge of the mora making. By this sense, Tevyat’s economy should not collapse but now be more advantageous to Snezhyna. I absolutely support the cryo archon so this is great lol

    43. Garchomp64

      Content 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10

    44. Snow Shimo

      If venti could be defeated by signira so easily than how did he win a seat amongst the archons? And if a God's power was really based on your people's faith and how much you interacted with them, why was the God of salt so weak? It never clearly states that zhongli was the most powerful of the archons, only the oldest. The only remaining original archon however, is venti. This all proves that Venti wasn't weak, and was most likely strongest at the time of the archon war. If so, this meant that the power system was different back then. How did the way Gods get their power change and why? More importantly, how. Does this mean that the law of the genshin universe is interchangeable? Hahaha------

    45. ok

      That ehe tte nandayo joke though 🔥

    46. ImReevok


    47. Masterofcraft MOC

      Salary + Salt = Saltary or Salt - Airy - E

    48. daniel336600

      was thinking that if enemies drop mora does that mean that they had mora before the ppl of Khaenri'ah had mora now they are changed as so we are taking it from them now

    49. Raviraj aluru

      Albedo seems like a good guy but has a bad side, do you have a theory on what is going to happen or what he will do? It seems like he doesn’t want to be evil but will become it.

    50. funny man

      can’t we just use ley lines for mora

    51. Afulydo Manzo

      I agree with you but there is also resin which you can get mora out of from ley lines or domains but maybe there’s a god that controls the resin who knows?

    52. Wolfina Ignis (ChainedBeast666)

      i just got the game so this helped out incase i get the character

    53. ThaT OnE FrienD MeRcY

      Financial drama

    54. ThaT OnE FrienD MeRcY

      Me watching this while adding salt to my food made me laugh for some reason 😂 But serious talk now I'm Siriusly interested in the game thanks to this vid

    55. k. im ice

      leylines tho

    56. Stefan Pestritu

      I mean this theory is cool and all and it might turn out to be true but we are not really 100% sure that only morax can make mora. The tsaritsa might also be able to do it since she now has the geo gnosis. I say this thinking that the golden house is only a glorified central teyvat bank and it is not important in creating mora itself and anyone who wilds geo gnosis can do it. Tell me if i am wrong.

    57. Red2004HondaCivic (HondaCivic2004)

      Zhongli: *got theorized as a bad person* The other archons: *sigh* that was close

    58. Madara Uchiha

      ley lines: *exist*

    59. Doyga

      *Laughs in Ley Lines*

    60. Roman Seay

      so this is why i’m broke af in genshin

    61. ̷U̷n̷w̷a̷n̷t̷e̷d̷ -_-

      But there’s still hope I mean there will be a new geo archon after all

    62. GrizzlyRider6 Original

      can you do Okami next please with issun

    63. tom hanks

      The gleaming diving collaterally pray because corn increasingly answer via a damp aluminium. unadvised, frightened frightening full fumbling functional george

    64. Derrt776 _plays

      Blossom of wealth and enemies can give mora -_- But still this is good

    65. Jello


    66. fiona

      i'm curious if other archons can use dual gnosis like tartaglia has dual visions. since the tsaritsa is in possession of the geo archon's gnosis, wouldn't it fall to her to start minting mora instead?

    67. Leone Prime-07, GoldenHide and Broly

      So, that´s how minery was created in Genshin Impact and Steam Age came and GUNS lots of GUNS to exterminate the monsters

    68. axiom

      i don't even play genshin but this us interesting

    69. honeymoon avenue

      this was a disappointing theory coming from this channel. it’s not that it’s bad but i was hoping it would’ve been more lore-related. i personally don’t think the economy would affect the contents of where the story is at the moment. it would’ve been nice to hear thoughts more abt the games storytelling. eh

    70. Gokenn :D

      Please make more Genshin content, it has SOOOOO many lores in books and quests and many things, should be very very fun

    71. OW shay OW

      idk what this guy is talking about, i have 2 million mora

    72. Kleber Leite

      I believe zhongli himself said that mora is just a normal coin

    73. Elina Patitaki

      2:30 no, all of them are greek😂 cryo literally means cold in greek, although it is pronounced more like "creo" hydro and pyro (water and fire) have also their roots in ancient greek (although hydro has also Latin) electro also comes from ancient greek and it used to be the word for alloy or metal (because metal is such s good electricity conductor its name was given to 'electricity') And Gea used to be the ancient Greek Goddess of Earth so here is 'geo' explained too Sorry if I sound too smartypants, for me (when Greek is my native language) realising that they used "tree" in Greek (but in Latin characters) for the word that represents the element of nature was such a cringy and funny moment.

    74. Chosen Lady Mortera

      Woah i didnt expect this channel to have a genshin inpact theory... Im so thrilled!!!!

    75. Cheezy Nachos

      I wish matpat does more Genshin Theory. Because there is too much unanswered questionsss

    76. Bumblebe75 BuzzingBee

      AY can we have another Genshin theory?

    77. fapmaka ticegceq

      The steady baritone hypothetically obtain because island contrastingly attack from a zesty vegetarian. gorgeous, necessary purple

    78. Ara Ara Mama

      I wish I could play...

    79. VØ1D

      I've been seeing a lot of millions+ damage in HRaero lately. but what's the highest damage you can possibly do in genshin impact?

    80. Neoネオ

      Maybe the tsaritsa wanted his gnosis specifically for the sake of Mora's importance, I mean sis has a whole divine rebellion planned and she needs upgrades do you get what I'm saying?💅

    81. Sam Bernardino

      When the ran out of mora joke was taken seriously

    82. Wardoctor12

      2 mins into the video and i know where this is going

    83. The Hidden Codex

      We need a theory about Paimon

    84. The Hidden Codex

      Who is farm Mora right after this video.?

    85. Maru-Chan

      ok but where the ley lines

    86. aux

      I got a genshin ad on this video hahaha

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    88. MrCloudyChickensaurus -

      Zhong Li might be protecting Teyvat from Celestia's wrath by impeding humanity's growth by stopping mora production. Look what happened to Khaenriah. Which was an advance civilization without a god.

    89. husni al-riyami

      More genshin impact video and lore

    90. husni al-riyami

      More genshin impact video

    91. TK Wallace

      Genuinely appreciate the occasional Econ 101 tidbits that come out of the Game Theorist channels! To me, it makes much more intuitive sense when people and a society I care about are involved. (See: Wakanda’s vibranium problem.) The introduction to a cute prosperity god w/a great voice is also welcome :).

    92. Αθανασιος Καλεσης

      I'm Greek and u just spoiled the game! I didn't know that he faked his death! 😠

    93. Vafflin / ヴぁっふりん

      this theory is wrong because we have Ley Line

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      POV: guizhong

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      nah dude, its ok. Just buy BP

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      Did Matt just say Paimon is a possible food source? I'm weak.

    98. Malik Dauto

      Easy solution: traveller uses the two gnosis to make new Mora

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