Game Theory: DRINK ME Dri̹̣̇̏n̲͙̒͒K͈̥̎̌̄͘ ṃ̛͊͗̒̋Ė̼̦̝̩̀͛̍ ̡̘͓̑͐͋D̐̀̀rIN̩͎̂͞k ḿ̖̰̒ē̛̗͒̂ (OnlyCans)

The Game Theorists

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    When a game like this shows up, you know I have to cover it. Theorists, welcome to OnlyCans. Yes, you read that right. OnlyCans. The game where you take questionable pictures of drink cans. Seems pretty straight forward, right? WRONG! This game is hiding a dark, meaty secret inside its bright and shiny cans. What is it? Only those brave enough to watch will find out...

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Nintendo Cat

      Take his advice, don’t search lemon party.

    2. Teddy 975


    3. Brendroid9000

      If you do look up lemon party, DO NOT OPEN THE SITE, if anything read the urban dictionary article on it and you will soon understand.

    4. YVCHAN

      He never said searching lemon party was gonna be that bad my eyes aaaaaaa

    5. BotBoiBass

      You know maybe i shouldnt of searched lemon party..

    6. Gabriel Furtado Ferreira

      10:50 sounds like something from shin godzilla...

    7. Megan Thompson

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    8. Jennifer little

      I looked up lemon party, why did I go to images, inappropriate stuff guys don't go there

    9. Kae Bear and you!


    10. bb ff

      Who else searched up lemon party? 🤢

    11. Dmv_TheBest


    12. Nikkiesplace

      Every time Matt said shize I said sheesh

    13. Il laboratorio di Anna esploratrice

      Me:*googles lemon party* always me:*Clears ayes whith bleach*

    14. Il laboratorio di Anna esploratrice

      mmmmmh yeah human soul

    15. Jasmine Robinson

      Welp now I can't sleep

    16. eli

      Salad fingers and the teacup

    17. Dominic Jakubec

      Thanks game for ruining pop for me

    18. I'm gonna look up "lemon party"

    19. Andrew Castle

      Shawn the 3rd says this "finally, absolutely... I must hide you" and then he got caught

    20. Andrew Castle

      Mat pat when it showing the unintelligible conversation I can hear Shawn is trying to open the first born can of the 4th and I can hear the voice of the 4th

    21. Focus RSS

      I googled it. About what I expected

    22. Matthew Schimmell

      Everybody gangsta until the can becomes CEO

    23. MasterOfEverything

      Cyberlife? David Cage would like to know your location

    24. David S.


    25. Minecrafter 9

      Can you do more canible weeks

    26. 腕亀さんTurtlewithaarm

      Did it literally say shize in Japanese シズ which reads shi-zu in katakana which is used for words from other country’s like bread it’s pan which is from other country

    27. Edward Holmes

      Hey just realised shize sounds like karl heisenberg from RE8/Village

    28. Anna Blyth

      I'm trying to comprehend why this game was made in the first place

    29. Musicbro 27

      You should try Chair Simulator... kinda has the same vibe as OnlyCans and there's definitely something fishy going on here. No there isn't a fish chair I checked... also should probably play this game seated

    30. DuyTheClosetweeb

      Please don’t tell me to not search it up PLEASE I don’t want to Matt Pat: telling us not to My brain: welp guess it’s time to search it up

    31. RedFoxx

      Ddlc style

    32. Wyatt Barksdale

      lv is llv is three 5:57

    33. geo

      yup should of listened to the warnings at 4:51

    34. Roblox and Chill


    35. space retrograde


    36. Risee

      So obviously I looked up “lemon party”. I agree, don’t do it. 😂

    37. Rubber Pumkin

      Thank you for telling me not to look thst up... I uhhh I did anyway. Thabk god Urban dictionary doesn't have videos cause that would be more traumatising

    38. Sayori

      So there’s only fans cans and he has the thumbnail saying “drink me” HmHmHMmMMmMMmMmM

    39. K. K.

      Hehe cyberlife

    40. Qalif Aiman12

      Mat: Don't search that Me:OK Me in five minute after: alright amma search this Me after searching that thing: Send me to my grave now

    41. Yin

      Imagine being stuck in a can 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 can’t relate! 😂😂😂😂


      Well isn't the sparying for adds? I saw it once

    43. NotPika

      About 10 weeks ago I couldn't sleep cause the monster of a human

    44. Nikole Marvel

      I looked it up. now its in my search history T-T

    45. VonGaiden

      Lesson of the day: Do not google what matpat tells you not to google 😔

    46. TheOnlyCelt

      I looked up lemon party, it's a political party in Canada

    47. Spooky Wario

      Yeah trust matpat don't look up lemon party.

    48. TheOnlyCelt

      the amount of puns in this is aggravating but good

    49. TheOnlyCelt

      Great vid!

    50. TheOnlyCelt

      I onlycan like this video

    51. Helen (Aryelle)

      How was this about cannibalism?

    52. Gaby and Elias Gaming

      It was so gross

    53. Kyn Rhodes

      I regret looking up lemon party😭

    54. Amos Lol

      So, what's lemon party?

    55. Dbd_FTP

      Mm! I’m tempted to search Lemon party

    56. The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

      I did not need to get reminded about Lemon Party.

    57. Shadow

      How come a moaning can game can be this scary

    58. hangsang dawg

      12:49 I think I know what is being said during the "unintelligible conversation" part. J. Shize "You look sparkling *chuckles* sparkling. Absolutely sparkling. I've got to hide you now, Junior!"

    59. jessie W

      really put clown junkrat skin for when you said "bdsm clowns" wow

    60. DarknessBois

      i am toby fox!

    61. DarknessBois

      i just cane

    62. ApexRex Productions

      "YOYLE CAKE" - Bubble ~2015

    63. Yeetacus Fish

      What if some flavor of sheiz could be blue blood for androids in Detroit become human?

    64. Michelle Aaronson

      I chose the wrong episode to watch while eating my sloppy joes


      I couldn’t pay attention to the actual theory, just the thought of people actually drinking these… And now I have a mental meme of somebody just drinking the humanoid soda- .^.

    66. The SCP Foundation

      sounds like something needs *better funding* (the box)

    67. ````COOkIe``` ```Weirdo```

      After watching this i don't think I can drink from a other can...

    68. Abigail Habtemariam

      I searched lemon party and now I will horrified

    69. Kingbsd

      I looked up lemon party, I don’t like it

    70. SHEEPinator

      The callback to DDLC gave me nostalgia lol.

    71. Maiyapaiya Pants on fire

      I looked up lemon party. “Unhappy squeak”

    72. Wej Ballon-Gamilla

      Meme Matpat: mimims Me: it's pronounced mims!

    73. Cadrift

      ngl i would still just play OnlyCans to take pictures of cans

    74. Daniel Frank

      im srry ;-;

    75. Daniel Frank

      the thing it said was

    76. Daniel Frank

      im sorry i searched up lemon party and i do not like it

    77. nili rani shikha

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    78. soup theif

      shize |||| sounds like dobby

    79. Carlos Roberto Zambrano Barba

      This history sounds interesing

    80. Sir Clxdy Bean

      Me looking up lemon party: let’s do this Me:oh uh…. Uhm uh……….ok

    81. Diego Sandoval Gatica

      MattPatt: Don't google "Lemon Party" Me who uses Microsoft Edge: COWABUNGA IT IS


        what’d you find?

    82. Fabian Pino

      lol lemon party it just gay porn-ish

    83. Toaster Van

      There’s a shize reference in Phasmophobia. Phasmophobia theory about how the ghosts are actually the spirits that got out of the cans when?

      1. GDSpectra

        Given how Phasmophobia devs are given a special thanks in OnlyCans credits I totally bet there's something ominous brewing between the 2, especially if Phasmophobia devs are into the ARG as well.

    84. mangana215

      14:21 .... Am I the only one that noticed that the "I" wasn't aligned with the "think"? Because its annoying 😅😅😅

    85. red rhys


    86. Edith McClure

      Just- what happens If you search “lemon party” ? Comment on this if you found out.

    87. Joshua Kovacs

      My name is John Shize, the Soda can sent by 7:00

    88. sedb .

      Achievement unlocked! How did we got here?

    89. Sevyn Turner

      Oh god lemon party! I'll trust matt next time

    90. XxdemonxX


    91. Zenitsu Kamado


    92. lincoln thoms

      you know about that thing about marshmallows save one to get two later well i just did one and the lesson i lured was to just eat is i plied the same thing her and have deep regrets lol

    93. XxX_DeMoNiTizEd_XxX

      Wait, Cyberlife? As in... Detroit become human? Is... This the same cannon????

    94. GDSpectra

      Not even needing to mention that "Thirst Born" sounds like *Firstborn* , thus "first of many" makes perfect sense.

      1. neon lollipops

        and it's his son

    95. George Murkin

      Looked up lemon party and 🤢🤮 AGREED MATPAT DON'T LOOK UP!!!!!!!

    96. Belva Naoma

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    97. FerventMeow

      "OnlyCans" sounds like twitch if we're gonna be honest

    98. The best channel you’ll ever see E V E R

      But lemon party what is it

    99. The best channel you’ll ever see E V E R

      This video is rubbish when I saw it I cried my self to sleep for a week

    100. Aaron Jones

      I- lets just say i didn't listen and it cursed very very cursed