What FNAF's New Look Means For The Future of Gaming | The SCIENCE of... Ray Tracing

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    When FNAF Security Breach announced that it would be using ray tracing for it's PS5 release, it raised one question. What the heck is ray tracing? Why is that a selling point and what does it mean for the future of FNAF and other games that use it like Minecraft? Today, Austin is going to dive into the world of computer graphics to see what the face of gaming is going to be in the near future and how that could be a great thing...or the worst!

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    1. Seth Lane


    2. XxsakuraminexX

      Huh, a science video that covers concepts I'm familiar with ... (I'm a master's student who works with raster and voxel data) though granted its forest laser (LiDAR) data that is being rasterized/voxelized. Cool to learn about other ways rasters and voxels are used.

    3. Charles Green

      1980 or 1974 all the way to 2023

    4. dimitar vakavchiev

      austin: explains computer polygons me: "looks at apex legends" that a LOTTA POLYGONS

    5. Kevin C

      Dear austin go away.. let dan take over please.

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      Scott quitted...

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      I wanted the theory and I got clickbaited ;-;

    8. Mr MAGIK

      Sorry i need to ask mr.wallet and mr.computer about ray tracing and rtx

    9. PleXquared

      I have a suggestion, could you do a video on the science of Celeste dashing? Just something I was thinking about when I was doing a run.

    10. Mr. Joeks

      Why a 3 minute intro stating the same thing

    11. Hardcore Bunny

      What the new look means for the future? Nothing! Because Cancel Culture bullies forced Scott into retirement.

      1. Hardcore Bunny

        @Zsh yeah because people threatened scott's pregnant wife.

      2. Zsh

        There will be a new developer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    13. Marklee Ramos

      I like mat pat better

    14. XXIron Trooper984XX

      Who's here after Hearing The latest News about FNAF? **Sobs** ps: we'll Miss You Scott, You'll be on Our Hearts and Memories Forever...

    15. bashdzy

      So question when the Doom Slayer meets the cyberdemon he gets knocked back but uses his feet to stop his momentum how much force would he need to do that

    16. Bunny

      I'm gonna have FNaF, as a big part of memory in my brain, after 7 years, Scott has finally retired from the game, that is because he felt he was not part of his family for 7 years, but.. he had so much energy to create a whole series of FNaF Games, with the original creator's conclusion with working on an unforgettable series, someone else will be doing it. But I've got to say, Scott has done a really good job on this series, it's like something that you can seriously not get out of your head, because it was a part of your particular childhood, and it won't ever get out of your brain because it will always be memorable in your child and re-rembered each day, that's because childhood is a huge part of your life, you can memorize all the stuff you have done in your childlife, and if you were/are in the FNaF community for a decent amount of time, you will realise it's near impossible to get it out of your head, even being around FNaF for a short time you will never forget it.

      1. Bunny

        Childhood* and do not accuse me of not editing my comment because of a mistake, I can not make updates on my explanations with this type of device.

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      Who is this

      1. Bee

        Your mom

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      god i love messa de requiem/dies irae

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      Saw it wasn’t mat and left. Don’t like this other guy he should get his own channel

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      Only legends know that Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement was playing in the background.

    21. Soham Acharya

      Step 1: Shoot ray Step 2: Ray hits object Step 3: Calculate distance Step 4: ??? Step 5: Profit.

    22. Laurel Bingham

      Is that snow or dandruff in his hair?

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    23. Jack Raymond

      Keep up the good work Austin you’re my favorite out of the theorist team

    24. Benno GG

      I am not a big graphics guy but I really want to see a raytraced ac game, it would look ✨s h i ny✨

    25. Jokutoinen123

      i thought his hair was full of dandruff but it's actually snow

    26. Commander Gvmax

      hey austin can you do a theory on the magic of blade and scorcery?

    27. Jeremy Trees

      9:33 Back when New Jersey was still cool.

    28. L.A Q

      Loved it !! Thank you for your dedication, and your rant was much appreciated

    29. the shadowz

      When he was talking about how rastorization works I know the music, I just can’t name it. H E L P M E

    30. Dusty-Ann Fortier

      Wait is this is out does that mean that security breach is finally out and I can finally get it and play it!!!!

      1. Dusty-Ann Fortier

        Oh they had the logo of game theory so I thought this was a game theory episode stupid people always taking other HRaerors names like seriously am I not even allowed to watch film theory game theory or food theory when somebody else has the same name so I’m going to get a lot of random results when I search in the episode it’s going to give me a bunch of random stupid people I don’t want to watch

    31. wolfkid dreemur

      5:11 I wonder if anyone noticed around the middle part of the bottom right and middle right one of the square grid is missing is this a unlikely Easter that finally solves FNAF ( I am just joking of course but it's a stupid mistake

    32. pastelunii !

      Me thinking if this dude breathes 💀💀

    33. FNAF FNAF (Sister Location Fan)

      Sooooo what does this mean for the future of fnaf.

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      did we get fnaf clickbaited and actually loved the video

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      Fanfare is what google auto corrected fnaf

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      Que DONT like you.

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      Austin:dear Malik Yousof2021. Me:Austin just why?

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      Very very inefficient

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      This video is about science

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      I don’t want to be rude but I like matpat more then this guy

    43. Bri Routhier

      This was really cool and helpful, I'm excited to see where it takes games in the future!

    44. MYTH Thanatos

      Game Theory dropping a complicated video talking about Ray Tracing. Everyone: Very interesting. *insert normal human sentence* Me: *confused* ahh yes.

    45. NostalGamation

      It's so cool that the Master of Masters was voiced by Ray Trace.

    46. Hhh Pestock

      Thank gosh for raymarching optimizations

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      What did this have to do with Fnaf?

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      1:12 WHAT HE SAY

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    50. Aaron the awesome

      Video super boring

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      Am I the only one who thinks that the background music sounds like nyaw from Kapi Friday night funkin

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      I was really disappointed that there is no fnaf

    53. ☆cecigacha♡_live

      We're is the fnaf???

    54. The Impossible Thespian

      Congratulations on the shortest rant I have ever seen in the history of THE SCIENCE, Austin! Honestly very impressed that, though I had to really concentrate, I got what you meant and I agree! 👏👏👏👏👏

    55. eran ronen

      Hey Austin i like the moonlight sonata 3 movement music :)

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      How, I’m late

    57. 3D Printing Professor “Joe”

      5:35 You've got the answer to why you can't just render back to front right there. Look at that floor. The floor is an object. But when do you render it? Part of the floor is in front of friend breast bear freddy, part is behind him, where does it sit on the rendering process? What if we do something stupid like intersecting two planes into each other at different angels. You can't just render the whole polygon in order. You're welcome.

    58. Serdarces Gaming

      You talk too much…….

    59. Avery Hyena

      Raytracing is a snake oil scam. They replaced cubemaps with raytracing at the same quality level, then made it so using cubemaps wasn't even an option any more to try to sell you on how good raytracing is. - There has been countless times where someone in chat says "this raytracing looks so good!", when raytracing *wasn't even turned on*. - Feasible raytracing that has been put into modern games such as ghostrunner, resident evil 8, could have just been done with high quality cubemaps, which use less power for the same quality. - There's no reason to put extra gpu power into raytracing when you can get the same result with something that doesn't cost as much power - Cubemaps have only been replaced with raytracing so they can say how good raytracing is, in the same way influenza cases have been replaced with c-virus cases so they can say how dangerous the c-virus is. Also, as someone actually familiar with 3d modelling, this video was painful to watch. Like listening to a 60 year old try to explain what 4chan is.

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    61. SWAG G

      Why this guy


      Where's matpat 🤨🤨🤨

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      Im gonna send this video to anyone i see whining about how they only get 400 fps with max graphics on their PC that has 40 applications open

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      Wtf are you

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      Me with my PS3 and Laptop: Ok. Nice. Imma go play old games.

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      Are We Not Gonna Talk About The New Typing Intro?

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      Nuvidia what?

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      ah yes video about ray tracing with shitty service on my phone. totally can see all of what's going on 😂

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      This guy is another reason why I unsubscribed.

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      This video pretty good I could Admit

    71. Austin Gandarilla

      I'm in the same boat you you fellow Austin. Kwest please don't be a scam...

    72. Space Man

      Great video. I’d want to see a science video about the Just Cause games. Maybe the physics of the wrist grapple hook.

    73. Hailey Gonzalez

      I like watching mat pat better to be honest 😕

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      Every time Austin is on this channel I wanna slit my throat 😒

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      Please never do this again

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      2:23 and new Consoles are available

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      I still remember those kids calling fnaf "horror for furries" they're all dead now..... Hell yeah thanks god

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      Isnt Crysis the first game to have ray tracing? The remaster of course.

      1. PJ Dianalan

        The classic question of "Can it run Crysis??"

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