Game Theory: 3 NEW FNAF Security Breach Theories!

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    Theorists, I have been up to my ears in FNAF theories lately and so I thought, " Why not do a rapid fire of 3 mini-theories in one episode?" That's right, you get not one, not two, but THREE theories today! WE are talking everything from new clues to FNAF Security Breach to what is going on in the newest Fazbear Frights books, to maybe even uncovering the TRUE villain we've all been overlooking! No time to waste! Let's dive in!

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Tyler Mascola, and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Weegeepie

      That homage to Ronnie's animation is just so heartwarming fav GT episode

      1. Space For All

        RIP Ronnie. Gone but never forgotton

      2. BubbleGum Brat

        @Top Movie Clips stop it

      3. WoofInation

        @Top Movie Clips IT SUCKS ANYWAY

      4. : : : chriis.ugh_


      5. A random Dude

        Rip ronnie

    2. moonyman

      I can’t believe I have the same birthday date as the game theory channel

    3. Kimberlie Messick

      Roxy is this versions foxy

    4. Kyoto

      Had us in the first half ngl

    5. StarStruckStudios

      This is like the sonic mania of game theory episodes


      I hate to ruin the anniversary but. . . I would invite TChica back home. . .

    7. The Bad Lord

      follow the missing foxy? how comes that crying childs older brother has a foxy mask or that the crying child has a foxy "plush" in his room? you know, just wondering.

    8. switch

      William being alive doing soul things: :) Willam ded: I'm kinda sad now

    9. Alessio Ferrante

      I actually think that the story In the flesh is not about you, but a more realistic way of the origin story of Glichtrap/Malhare

    10. u87stix s

      So is Roxy not this games version of foxy as they have similar names and are both foxes?

    11. Hun-Faateer

      Wasn’t Baby burnt to death in the game’s timeline? Did I miss a video explaining that her giant claw was actually fire repellent and she lived on through that?

    12. iiLittle Luluyii

      Btw umm game theories that baby is elenor

    13. Micah Caballero

      This theory is big brain

    14. PlasmaCatYT

      11:08 is that Jake Peralta?!?!?!?

    15. xx_KittenKulture_xx

      10 years, let's make it to 20!! Keep up the good work, I appreciate you

    16. ClockworkFirebird

      THAT was the plot of 'In the Flesh'?! Honestly that's hit the wrong balance between 'acknowledgement and homage' and 'creepy and insulting'..

    17. Vincent G Saddler

      i love game theory

    18. Gregory Mirabella

      that 2012-2015 style is my favorite from the show's past.

    19. Super Destroyer fox

      Maybe you get the gator to see you and then break down the gate and then get through.

    20. Denys plus bot 300

      Foxy isn't in fanat to but foxy there's no toy foxy but they're still mangle the kids broke her up so foxy is still in fanat to which fixed is like toy foxy

    21. Brielle Merrifield

      Roxy = foxy

    22. T H I N E R

      10:47 does anyone know what game this cop/security guard is from?

    23. young _gacha

      Matt make a piggy

    24. Baker Girl

      I don't believe that ive been watching this channel for 10 years already

    25. Edit Butter


    26. XXIron Trooper984XX

      Who's here after Hearing The latest News about FNAF? **Sobs** ps: we'll Miss You Scott, You'll be on Our Hearts and Memories Forever...

    27. Omar

      You know even I missed the live stream and the merch. One thing I noticed on the 10th anniversary it kinda looks like Ben 10

    28. insane jack16

      What's the name of the song that is used at the beginning of this episode someone please for the love of God tell me

    29. XxArisuGamerxX :3

      Wherever Ronnie is now, I'm sure he's very proud of you and the team Matpat

    30. URonlyBooKey Boo

      The thing is I've been watching game theory for 9 years

    31. Zain Alzahiry

      I think mangle is a messed up toy foxy IDK :P

    32. Hot_Dog7

      12:39 JOJO MEME

    33. Ruyjiin

      So Roxy isn't a Foxy in the new game?

    34. Norma Erickson

      Cassidy during Five Nights at Freddy's book 7 " okay William Afton has had enough torture I'm done dealing with him he can die"

    35. The Sniper From Team Fortress 2

      The Toy theory makes sense

    36. DrGolemHam

      what if the gator is a springlock suit

    37. Briana Birdsong

      oh they need to be cleansed of the afton virus?? *holy water*

    38. Suave1008

      My name is the same As the character lol

    39. ラフイフリスクラー

      we gotta stop talking about chica or imma act up

    40. EegsThe Barito

      Wow, I’m a child and I know who is ELEANOR from To Be Beautiful and CIRCUS BABY from Sister Location and I don’t even have the books but I do have SL and the main villain in FNAF is William Afton stupid. Also Roxanne Wolf is a WOLF not a FOX so there is your explanation for why Foxy isn’t in Security Breach and Toy Chica do be lookin THICK and Rockstar Chica ain’t that thick 🥱👏😑😐😀

    41. *-🌺Mango🌺-*

      Mannn Glam Rock Freddy got those bright blue acrylic nailssssss

    42. Ob1 Kenobi

      7:57 hit realllyy hard with nostalgia

    43. Gramm chicken 78

      My theories is that the reason that foxy is not a toy is cause he killed a kid so the workers thought that he was to aggressive to be a toy so he would never be a glamrock animatronic

    44. NEZZ FAM

      Best intro ever

    45. Ya Squishy boi

      6:18 it seems chica may have borrowed one of those shins from a certain dbz villain

    46. ShinyJules

      Anybody wondering how scholastic decided to sell these books? They are very good books but how did they let the gore get past it-

    47. The_Stormy _One

      This feels so nostalgic after hearing the news of his retirement

    48. Kota'sEternalDeath

      im really early in the video. but basically if the character (gregory) is gonna be using the glamrocks as suits of hiding, does that mean we finally get good animatronics?

    49. Martin Power

      Aaaa nalstalja

    50. Carla xd 7u7 Gsbert 9.0 uwu

      Hey the long neck baby is called Eleanor.

    51. veerapatrian uthanumallian

      wait a sec! if the faz goo rlly made a clone of micheal- that cant be possible! since mike HAS no orgins! also this is not hate, im a big fan of ur channel and suprise, a fan of FNaF

    52. veerapatrian uthanumallian

      by the way, glitchtrap is aftons twin brother named vincent. and william did'nt want to kill the 5 children. he was also infected by his own glitchtrap, and he was the first one to get it since he was the brother of glitchtrap. was already sad becuz of the loss of his 2 children.

    53. hangsang dawg

      3:57 I think that it's actually the Montgomery Gator River in this shot of the inside of his mouth, just without the stream of water. This is because you can see the number 14 (marking the next golf course) in the shot inside his mouth and the shot outside of his mouth with the flowing stream, has the number 13 close by. Makes sense to me. And maybe in the game, Gregory (us) will have to turn off the water and sneak through this part of the area.

    54. Golden Vipertooth

      heheh trafton

    55. Sparton Gaming

      Happy 10 anniversary Mat pat

    56. therealeverythingbagelboy

      The puppets mask was sucked in at one point of the epilogue, I think that the puppets mask still had the spirit in it, and therefore the amalgamation might have been getting destroyed by the puppet, but hey, that’s just a theory, a game theory

      1. therealeverythingbagelboy

        I just realized that what I just said in this comment was said in the video, kind of. I added a bit to what matpat said I guess

    57. Another Yojimbo

      the lore will be solved, once 13 Aftons and 7 Security guards collide in a great battle in the Pizzeria Graveyard

    58. Rain

      Warning spoilers to the Fazbear frights books. Okay hello! Recently I’ve been re-reading the epilogues/stitch wreath story’s, of the fazbear frights books and then I made a connection. So in Fazbear Frights #6 there was the story ‘The Real Jake’ and in that book was his nanny Maggie. Okay so, in the epilogue of Fazbear Frights #2 was this woman Maggie. The detective asked her questions. Some answers had been “I moved here 3 years ago” also with “I live on my own” but the most was “I had been taking care of a ill child while his dad was away/at seas. Then unfortunately he passed away. And I got the house.” Okay so I made this connection while reading, so Margie in Real Jake had been taking care of a ill child while who was Jake his dad was away/at seas. Then unfortunately Jake passed away at the end! ALSO! Margie had gotten the house. Also if you think it’s just a coincidence well in the epilogue she had been wearing makeup, though it didn’t seem she was trying to impress anybody, well. Margie from Jake, wore makeup not to empress anybody. Also Margie from the epilogue had cats, she had gotten one for Company and don’t quote me on this, I’m not sure. But I remember Margie from the real Jake also got a cat. Again I don’t remember. So yeah thanks for reading this long paragraph 😵.

    59. SpeedRun Piggy

      April 18 IS MY BIRTHDAY

    60. CottonCuff

      A detail I notice as I re watch: during the part where may talks about how foxy doesn’t have a toy, another thing I thought of was that in FNAF 4, the foxy plush is the outlier again, being broken, and that Michael ( brother) uses the foxy mask as a toy to scare Crying Child with. It could be just a nod to foxy in the closet but it could also be eve fence that he is the outlier, or that just his bird ion of toy foxy. Again, it’s just a thought I had, but if any theorist see this and wanna talk I’m down!

    61. Stepanek740


    62. brous boss

      hear me out what if after the toy animatronics were scraped there parts and circuits were used for the glam rock animatronics

    63. MegaHALOinfinitefan 12

      Remember when this was all just about scary robot animals lol

    64. Roopnarine Deonarine

      How can Elizabeth be the villian if she was burned alive in fnaf 6

    65. Aquaboii


    66. Kareem Dagher

      Mat: foxy has no toy counterpart Me: We'll isn't mangle a "toy foxy"?

    67. Hicham el hamra

      Saying that fnaf dead and ur still making theory

    68. Gaby and Elias Gaming

      When it said "there is more going on then you relized" it sounded like baby

    69. Kyle Bettencourt

      Anyone else think the drawing they use for stitchwraith looks like that one Lady Gaga look

    70. CatMuto

      Bonnie *is* in Security Breach. Just called Vanny. =)

      1. CatMuto

        @Chef Ro It was a joke.

      2. Chef Ro

        Vanny is a completely different character than bonnie

    71. DORKBEAN

      15:02 excuse me?

    72. Farzam Niabaty

      Wait isn't mangle seposed to be looking like toy foxy?

    73. jolteon pizza

      The peaceful low spontaneously scorch because timbale greely arrange from a educated peer-to-peer. cheap, mammoth paperback

    74. Marc Sartor

      Scott watching this thinking, "Oh god, he's on to me"

    75. Red Dragon Gacha

      Ok so after i watch the game play trailer and other security breach theories i wanted to make my own theory so here this might be more then one theory 1 "who's is helping us and who is not" ok so at the trailer we can see all of the robots have red eyes witch might me there in attack mod so what if vanny will hack in there programming to attack Gregory and at some point of the game certent robot would ether help Gregory or will try and capture him 2 "good or bad" if the my first theory was wrong (witch most likely cuz i trash at theorys) what if some are trying to catch Gregory and some are not for example in the gameplay trailer u can see that roxanne wolf is chassing Gregory witch mean 2 things either she was hack by vanny or is on vanny side and also at the end of the trailer it look like she was trying to get through the gate but was not able to maybe she was trying to get to Gregory but could not, now for glamrock chica at the end it look like she found Gregory and started chasing him witch could also mean she is on team vanny or was hacked go watch the video call "is roxanne wolf working for vanny theory" in this video it talks about how roxanne wolf and gladiator (i cant remeber his name but it the alligator robot but im calling him gladiator) are helping vanny but i think it roxanne and glamerock chica that are trying to hunt Gregory and that all i have this is the first time i tole my thought on youtube this is my FIRST THEORY So please if i got anything wrong here let me know also dont hate on this comment if im wrong please i just wanted to share what i thought about what could happen in fnaf security breach

      1. Red Dragon Gacha

        My first theory i ever though about by my self so it most likely not try so tell me if it dumb or not ok

    76. G Man

      10:19 ok after hearing this part about Afton becoming this mech of trash, and seeing that odd nightmare like hand in the security breach trailer...I'm starting to think that trash Afton is gonna be in Security Breach and hes just hiding In that mall for a couple of reasons. 1. The building has a big enough square foot of space for him to hide out in. 2.Since Vanessa is under his control in a way, she can make sure no one sees hiding him in that huge cavern like area. 3.Afton just has a huge habit of hiding out in Fazbear establishments.

    77. Kaleb DaGamee

      There is a toy foxy it's mangle

    78. Gorflin B

      Listen idk if this is any help but when I was finally able to play fnaf sister location I was in the main office and I was shaking my head u know for fun then I just heard access denied so can ya please check it out

    79. Ben Davis

      I'm having so much nostalgia right now

    80. Okimations

      " scared of being possesed by evil animatronics through your screen? get nord vpn " im sold.

    81. Kyle Scarboro

      Can someone help me. Trying to figure it out. What is the background music used during Theory #1??

    82. Riley Taylor

      Oh...Im just now watching this buuut. April 18th you say, hmmm. Well its good it to know I share a birthday with one of my favorite Channels (unless my ADHD misheard that which is entirely possible)

    83. Nikole Marvel

      WDYM THERES NO TOY FOXY!? HAVE WE FORGOTEN ABOUT MANGLE edit: also, doesnt the line in the trailor 13:47 actually sounds like circus baby? just me.

    84. Forgive Me Later Please

      Mangle: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?

    85. Michael Willbanks

      Happy anniversary

    86. Birdy Sophie x

      Game theory : there is no toy foxy!!!!!!!! Mingle: am I a joke to you?????

      1. Chef Ro

        Mangle is not foxy

    87. Montaser Naseralddin

      when ur series is older than ur marriage

    88. Paisley Bibbs

      I know what's happening here I think that Afton he used toy chica's parts and to rebuild into the Glam Rock chica


      He's saying there's no foxy but if he and you were paying attention there want one named Roxy just saying

      1. Chef Ro

        Roxy is a wolf

    90. Joe Henrich

      About the whole foxy thing, Roxanne seems to be remodeled off of a foxy animatronic and mangle is toy foxy

      1. Chef Ro

        Roxy is a wolf, mangel is not toy foxy

    91. Shot Tower Mouse

      Anyone else think the Afton Amalgamation kinda looks like the carpet sample fursuit guy?

    92. TheOnlyCelt

      FNAF seems more and more like the show "over the garden wall", the main character in that show is Gregory, he gets manipulated by "the beast"

    93. TheOnlyCelt

      Great vid! u da best

    94. joyy

      scott actually wants to end the lore but he still wants to see matpat suffer more

    95. Mike Kazami

      Rewatching this i just realized something, Hey matpat this is probably just my own observation but i just noticed that while the name is 1 letter difference, wouldnt the animatronic Glamrock Roxy be the representation for Foxy? Technically speaking of the group and from what i've seen, i've noticed that roxy's mirror's foxy in a few ways. But that's probably just a minor detail and i'm over thinking it.

      1. Chef Ro

        Roxy is a wolf

    96. Em JayEm

      In the beginning when he said sometimes using the little summation signal and multiplication sign I realized college level math for one semester aka quantitative reasoning was not useless.

    97. Gavin gaming

      Maybe the toys are reskined glam rock?

    98. DawntheRadiant


      1. DawntheRadiant

        That’s the the video...go watch Brooklyn 99

    99. +*Clxudy_Boba*+

      You called Eleanor, Baby... I thought you knew 😩

    100. Bree Cayden

      wouldnt roxy be the remodeled foxy though..?

      1. Chef Ro

        Roxy is a wolf